Exercise bike body sculpture is possible with hard work and determination. By body sculpture we mean building muscle and reducing fat to give your body a lean profile with distinct muscle definition. An exercise best spin bikes can be an important tool to attaining a lean, fit body.

Your Goals

If you’re determined to improve your physical condition, you must set goals. Do you want to lose a certain amount of weight or are you aiming toward a percentage of body fat? How much time can you devote to your goals? Do you want to work an hour a day? Ten minutes a day? An hour a week? How fast do you want to show progress? Is this a one month project or a long-term project? Your body sculpture plans will depend on your goals.

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Your Plan

Your plan for exercise bike body sculpture will include both exercise and diet. There are so many diet ideas it is almost overwhelming. There are many on-line resources you can study to make a diet plan that will work for you. The Idiot-Proof Fat Loss Plan is a popular plan in ebook format.

What kind of exercise will work to transform your body to your goal? You’re going to need a combination of activities. Both aerobic activity and muscle building are best in combination. Muscle building activities can increase what’s call the basal metabolism rate. Basal metabolism refers to the level of calories your body burns just at your normal activities. Building more muscle means you can eat more and still not gain weight. You can transform your body into a fat burning machine.

The best way to build muscle is with weight training. Weight training can be effective if done as little as once a week. My favorite weight training plan is The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution . Don’t fear that you’ll build big, bulky muscles. That won’t happen if you’re a woman and it’s difficult for men.

You’ll want to do a regular form of calorie burning activity with your muscle building too. That can be walking, jogging, biking including exercise biking. Any amount of activity is better, but the latest research shows the more the better. Vigorous exercise is good.

An exercise bike is a great tool to help your body sculpting program. Consider a bike that works arms and legs like the Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bikeschwinn airdyne exercise bike. Combine a vigorous exercise bike workout with a weight lifting session and you’ve got an ideal workout. You can even do circuit training by riding the home exercise bike for a few minutes and then stepping off the bike to do a set of weight movements then back on the bike. Your heart rate can stay elevated all the time you’re doing the weight movements so you get a longer aerobic workout.

By mixing up your exercise routines you can fight boredom and keep your exercise interesting. I especially encourage you to try exercise bike body sculpture as part of your overall plan for fitness. The biggest danger to your exercise plan is stopping. Don’t quit and you will surely make improvements.

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