An exercise bike workout can be as simple as you like. Just get on your bike and just pedal away. You’re going to burn about 300 calories in a 30 minute workout… But, you can do better than that. Why would you want to? Easy… better and faster results with stationary bike workouts.

More fat burned, more weight lost, better conditioning.

What’s it take to get better results?

The same thing it takes to put an end to boring indoor cycling workouts…

Let’s face it. Nothing could be much more boring than just simply pedaling a stationary bike along at a constant pace for an extended period of time. It’s potentially a more or less mindless journey to nowhere and not a trip that’s fun for long, no matter how much you wan to stay in shape or lose weight either. That boredom is likely one of the main reasons an exercise bike does not get used. So key to long-term success with a bike, any bike, is to inject some variety into an exercise bike workout to keep it less boring and more interesting. The Schwinn Airdyne AD4 Upright Exercise Bike is what I use but the same goes for most bikes.

It’s as easy as mixing up the workouts. Call it interval training or even circuit training. Whatever you call it, the best exercise bike workout is varied and intense. See, it doesn’t take a long time to get a great workout. Especially if you mix in a few simple exercises off the bike, you can make really fast progress. After all, most of the time the real key to fitness improvements is tied in with the length and intensity of workouts.

The bike that I ride is a Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike but most any kind of stationary bike will do as long as it’s a stable platform and not one that will soon self-destruct under stress and strain of stationary bike workouts.


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