9 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil Daily

How would like to try a deliciously creamy Paleo coconut oil fudge? …With all the health benefits that you’ve probably already heard about coconut oil… btw, here’s an article with 9 reasons to use coconut oil every day.

I’m sure you’re saying…YES, give me the recipe!

I haven’t tried this exact recipe below yet, but I tried a slightly modified version with added almond butter melted into the mixture too… just add about 1/2 cup of almond butter to the melted mix before you put in the pan to set… trust me, it’s GOOD!

This is a very simple recipe with just 3 ingredients below, but like I said, you can add a couple more bells and whistles if you want. And although coconut oil is extremely good for you nutritionally due to the MCT fats and other compounds, if you want the benefits of grass-fed butter fat (for the metabolism-boosting cancer-fighting CLA fats and other beneficial compounds in pasture-raised butter), you also have the option to substitute half of the coconut oil in this recipe for a good grass-fed butter such as Organic Valley pasture butter or Kerrygold butter.

Quick note about dairy confusion: Remember that even for people that think they are dairy intolerant, it is almost ALWAYS either the lactose or the casein that gives people trouble digesting some forms of dairy…but butter and cream are just solely the FAT portion of dairy and are much easier to digest along with many health benefits. I see people mistakenly think they’re dairy intolerant all the time (they’re NOT dairy intolerant usually; they are casein or lactose intolerant), when in fact, these same people have zero problems digesting dairy FAT, so there’s no reason to purposely exclude healthy grass-fed butter and cream from their diet, except for the RARE occasion of somebody that has a truly harsh allergy to all dairy.

Here’s the new healthy coconut oil fudge recipe, straight from the popular PaleoHacks blog.


Also, if you’ve never tried this before, make sure to check out my own superfood fudge recipe here,which has been super popular in this newsletter and always get raving reviews. It’s a totally different type of fudge recipe, but it’s equally good!

And if my comment above about dairy fat being good for you is a new concept, read my article here showing why full-fat dairy like butter and cream can actually REDUCE heart disease risk.

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I’ll be back soon with more health and fitness tips, healthy Paleo recipes, and controversial nutrition topics.

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