Best amount of time to spend in a gym every day

What many of us want when looking for some gym inspiration and exercise tips are clear specifications. We want to know what activities we need to do and for how long, with how much effort and exactly how to perform exercises. We want someone to tell us: “Here is the schedule of the exercises that you need to do each day in order to achieve exactly what you want.”

While many personal trainers and gym coaches will say that they do have the answer, the truth is that each person is an individual and every one of us must find what suits him or her the best. You have probably heard this advice so many times too, but that is the truth. It is also worth considering a home gym if you want to go more.

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How to find out how much exercise you need?

That is the real question! There are a few steps to know your body and then to estimate the best amount of time to spend in a gym every day. You can start by setting your goals. There are three most common goals:

  • better health,
  • Weight-gain prevention,
  • weight loss.

Now identify your goals. You don’t have to stick to one goal only, but do specify your priority. After understanding your goal, stick to the following guidelines:

Guidelines for your health

Do a 30-minute moderately intense gym training five days a week remember to use a stretching machine to warm up first. If you are in excellent shape, you can do a high intensity gym training for 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week. This is your exercise for life. If you have the normal BMI and are on a regular, balanced diet, you should not lose, nor gain weight in this tempo. You will increase your strength, additionally tone your muscles and increase your durability.

Guidelines for preventing weight gain

One of the most widely accepted opinions is that moderate intensity gym exercise for 150-250 minutes per week and an intake of 1200 to 2000 kcal should keep a normal, adult person’s weight stable.

Guidelines for weight loss

If you want to start a fat loss journey, you should comply with the general recommendation of 200-300 minutes of gym time per week . Depending on your overall health, you can choose between moderate and high intensity training. The harder you work, the better the results.

Keep in mind: each person is different and your body might react differently to these general guidelines. Listen to your body, get out of your comfort zone and find your optimal gym time.…

By Victor Williamson, ago

It Is Time To Consider A New Road Bike?

A road bike is one of the least polluting types of transportation around and is used not only by cyclists but also many ordinary people. Road bikes currently circulating in the market have many types. In addition, the components classified often make the beginner confused. Well, in this article we will explain the points that need to be considered in choosing the best road bike for the money. Here we will explain the points to consider when choosing a road bike. Please use the explanation below as a reference when you want to buy road bike.

Choose the type of bike that suits your needs. Road bike on the market has many types. Well, below, we will describe the most common types of road bikes. For the race type, focusing on lightweight and operating ability. This type is also called competitive road and is designed to for competing in bicycle races. For long distance cycling, you have to focus on stability and comfort. This type is also called endurance road and is designed for long touring needs that reach 50 miles even up to 100 miles. When compared to other types, this type is equipped with components that reduce shock when cycling. In addition, the shape of this bike makes the rider’s body posture becomes more relaxed, therefore your cycling time will be more comfortable. This universal type can be used for cycling in the urban and off-road.

Body posture that comes forward when cycling is indeed the hallmark of the road bike. However, sometimes it becomes horror if it is not accustomed to riding a road bike because this bike is easy to go quickly. In addition, flat handle has many advantages, among others, it does not make the rider look striking due to body position when cycling, allowing drivers to stop-riding while cycling in places where there are many red lights, and others. For those of you who plan on buying the best road bike for the money and you who want to look more casual while cycling, this type of road bike is highly recommended for you! Of course, the crossed cycle type bike or gravel road is also practical to use for your usual cycling on the streets. The speed of ​​bike that has thick tires is slower if compared to ordinary tires. However, this is not a problem if your needs are limited only to travel to school or to the office which is usually only a few miles.

Pay attention to frames and components by adjusting your budget. For people who first bought the best road bike for the money, they will usually drive a road bike that still uses the built-in components. The ability of a bicycle is determined by the quality of its components. Consider the weight, price, and convenience of various bicycle frames. The most important thing to consider when you buy road bike is the selection of frames. Another point to note is the raw material. Raw materials commonly used to create frames on road bikes include low-cost aluminum and lightweight steel as superior in terms of shock absorbing, as well as carbon that is very lightweight and widely used in luxury cars. If you find difficult to compare frame road bike materials, we recommend you to choose frames of aluminum road bikes that can save power for maintenance.