9 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil Daily

How would like to try a deliciously creamy Paleo coconut oil fudge? …With all the health benefits that you’ve probably already heard about coconut oil… btw, here’s an article with 9 reasons to use coconut oil every day.

I’m sure you’re saying…YES, give me the recipe!

I haven’t tried this exact recipe below yet, but I tried a slightly modified version with added almond butter melted into the mixture too… just add about 1/2 cup of almond butter to the melted mix before you put in the pan to set… trust me, it’s GOOD!

This is a very simple recipe with just 3 ingredients below, but like I said, you can add a couple more bells and whistles if you want. And although coconut oil is extremely good for you nutritionally due to the MCT fats and other compounds, if you want the benefits of grass-fed butter fat (for the metabolism-boosting cancer-fighting CLA fats and other beneficial compounds in pasture-raised butter), you also have the option to substitute half of the coconut oil in this recipe for a good grass-fed butter such as Organic Valley pasture butter or Kerrygold butter.

Quick note about dairy confusion: Remember that even for people that think they are dairy intolerant, it is almost ALWAYS either the lactose or the casein that gives people trouble digesting some forms of dairy…but butter and cream are just solely the FAT portion of dairy and are much easier to digest along with many health benefits. I see people mistakenly think they’re dairy intolerant all the time (they’re NOT dairy intolerant usually; they are casein or lactose intolerant), when in fact, these same people have zero problems digesting dairy FAT, so there’s no reason to purposely exclude healthy grass-fed butter and cream from their diet, except for the RARE occasion of somebody that has a truly harsh allergy to all dairy.

Here’s the new healthy coconut oil fudge recipe, straight from the popular PaleoHacks blog.


Also, if you’ve never tried this before, make sure to check out my own superfood fudge recipe here,which has been super popular in this newsletter and always get raving reviews. It’s a totally different type of fudge recipe, but it’s equally good!

And if my comment above about dairy fat being good for you is a new concept, read my article here showing why full-fat dairy like butter and cream can actually REDUCE heart disease risk.

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I’ll be back soon with more health and fitness tips, healthy Paleo recipes, and controversial nutrition topics.

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
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#1 Fat Burning Hormone

By Joel Marion, CISSN

Did you know that there’s ONE solitary hormone that pretty much controls EVERY other weight loss hormone in your body, and your ability to burn fat altogether?

In fact, when you have this ONE hormone on your side, fat loss truthfully couldn’t get easier.

When you don’t, however, losing even a single pound can become virtually impossible.

The hormone? Leptin. And here’s the unfortunate news: Just about everyone is unknowingly fighting a losing battle with leptin each and every time they attempt to lose weight.

With that said, it’s not very hard at all to see why so many people outright struggle to shed their unwanted body fat, month after month, year after year.

That’s why in the next few paragraphs I’m going to explain to you exactly why and how leptin is limiting YOUR fat loss, and how 6 odd herbs—many of which you probably never heard of before—can actually solve all the problems leptin poses as you attempt to drop those unwanted pounds.


First, in order to burn fat, your body depends on these two things:

1) high levels of leptin
2) highly-sensitive leptin “receptors”

Now for the bad news…

Anytime you go on a diet and reduce your calorie intake, leptin levels plummet and fat burning is dramatically reduced.


Because leptin’s main function is to protect your body against starvation, and in the midst of decreased food intake (i.e. dieting), your body unfortunately views your stored body fat as a huge asset to survival.

After all, body fat provides a vast supply of stored energy and warmth, both highly-valued resources when food is in short supply.

You see, when you go on a diet, your body isn’t aware of your hopes for a slim, tight waistline or your desire to drop 20 lbs in time for your high school reunion or summer beach season. In fact, the only thing it does know is that your calorie intake is now below “normal”… and to your brain, that’s a big red flag.

The result: reduced leptin levels and dramatically decreased fat burning.

In fact, research has shown that leptin levels drop by as much as 50% after just 7 days of dieting… that puts you at only 50% of your fat-burning potential just one WEEK in to your fat loss plan, and it only gets worse with each passing day.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, with every pound you DO struggle to lose, leptin levels fall even further, making it even more difficult for you to continue to lose fat.


Because, as mentioned, in the face of calorie restriction, your body views stored body fat as an asset to survival. The more fat you lose, the more “danger” your body senses, and the harder it is to strip away that next pound.

Hello fat loss plateaus!

Now, I hate to continue to be the bearer of bad news, but the scenario I just explained is actually only HALF the problem.

The other unfortunate reality is that the vast majority of people are ALSO suffering from a condition known as “leptin resistance” due to years of high body fat levels and a diet full of processed foods.

Leptin resistance simply means that even at high levels, leptin is no longer able to properly signal fat burning to your body, dramatically decreasing it’s fat loss effects. That’s a pretty disheartening truth for the fat loss enthusiast, but as I alluded earlier, there IS something you can do about it.

Let me ask you this:

What if I told you there was a drop-dead simple way to keep leptin levels high as you lose weight,while also increasing your body’s sensitivity to the hormone?

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And here’s the great news: there is indeed a drop-dead simple way to achieve exactly that, and even better, it only takes a measly 30 short seconds each day to implement.

As mentioned in the subject of this email, this “trick” involves the use of 6 odd flab-belly herbs that together have been shown to tackle leptin from both problematic angles: production and sensitivity.

Here they are:

#1. Irvingia Gabonensis, a powerful extract from the African mango that has been shown tosupport leptin sensitivity by inhibiting the production of C-reactive protein (CRP), a chemical in the body that has been linked with the development of leptin resistance, by up to 52%.

And check this out…

To further support this extracts dramatic effect on weight loss, in one double-blind study, 102 otherwise-healthy overweight volunteers received either 150 mg of Irvingia extract or a placebo, twice daily prior to meals, for a period of 10 weeks.

At the end of 10 weeks, the Irvingia group lost an average of 28 pounds (13.1% decrease in body weight), shed 6.7 inches from their waistline, and had reduced their total body fat by an average of18.4%!

Furthermore, it was found that those who supplemented with Irvingia experienced a 26% decrease in total cholesterol, and blood sugar levels dropped from an unhealthy fasting blood level of 85.5 to a much healthier 66.3!

As expected, those receiving the placebo experienced no measurable difference in scale weight, girth measurements, body fat percentage, or health markers

#2. Oleanolic Acid. This compound extracted from olive tree leaves has a stimulatory effect on a specific gut peptide called Glucagon-like Peptide-1 (GLP-1). Research shows that an oral dose of this extract can increase GLP-1 by 48%, which has in turn been closely linked to increased leptin production.

#3. Modifilan®, a potent seaweed extract harvested from pristine Arctic waters off the coast of Iceland, has been shown to stimulate increased leptin production in fat cells by up to 18% through its ability to stimulate Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) in the adrenals. Stimulation of TSH in turn stimulates the production of leptin in fat cells.

#4. Panax Notoginseng, a well-known and commonly used traditional Chinese herb called “Shan Qi” by master herbalists was recently shown to also have unique metabolic properties, including naturally suppressing appetite and increasing leptin sensitivity.

#5 & 6. YerbaX™, a potent blend of a rare green tea extract and South American yerba mate extract which together have been shown to synergistically increase resting metabolic rate andmobilize fatty acids from fat cells to be burned, all while suppressing appetite and increasing energy and alertness.

Now, while you could try to locate all of the above ingredients individually, research the actual extracts of each that yield the positive leptin effects mentioned above, purchase them all separately and pay shipping on each, then sort through study after study to determine the scientific dose of those extracts, the good news is that we already did ALL of that for you at BioTrust Nutrition and put it in to one scientifically-backed, lab-tested, ultra-convenient product called LeptiBurn™.

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The TRUTH About Eating Organic…

Hey, it’s Coach Josh, and as I write this newsletter, I’m doing a little late-night snacking on a batch of organic cucumbers (marinated in vinegar, yummmmm) from my local farmer’s market.

Now, you’ve probably heard that there are benefits to eating organic, but if you’re like most people, you may still be a tad confused about the whole “organic” thing (as is proved by all the organic-related emails that regularly come through my inbox).

Perhaps you’ve wondered, what exactly makes something “organic” and why is it better than the regular stuff? Or maybe, what makes organic produce so darned expensive, and is there any way to enjoy it without burning a hole in my wallet?

Coach Josh to the rescue.

We’ll start with some boring (yet helpful) definitions.

For a food to be certified organic, it must meet certain USDA criteria. For vegetables and fruits, this means that the produce must be grown without using most conventional pesticides, fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge, bioengineering, or ionizing radiation.

There is other criteria when talking about meat, but for today, we’ll stick with produce.

The benefits of eating organic, particularly produce, are that produce grown under organic standards have been shown to be more nutritive, possessing greater phytochemical, vitamin, and mineral content.

In other words, you get a lot more of the good stuff and a lot less of the potentially harmful stuff—pretty much a great trade-off any way you look at it.

As far as cost is concerned, if you’re buying organic produce at a typical supermarket, then yes, you will generally pay considerably more than the conventional versions of these same fruits and veggies.

That said, a simple solution is to shop elsewhere for your organic needs. A great solution that I use myself is to buy a “share” of the season’s harvest at a local farm, known as CSA (community supported agriculture). Basically, I’ve got all the organic produce I could dream of, from June through Thanksgiving, for a very reasonable price.

You can get a list of local CSA farms near you by visiting localharvest.org

Another alternative to joining a local CSA is simply stopping by your local farmer’s market. Health food stores are a third option, but I’d recommend checking out circulars and going for what’s on sale when shopping at these outlets.

Organic produce that is fresh and in-season can be just as affordable, if not more so, than the regular stuff at the grocery store.

Buying in bulk can further decrease costs. As we all know, that 5-gallon tub of mayonnaise is always a steal compared to the cost of the equivalent 20 individual jars.

Remember, produce will always be cheaper in-season, so stock up at the right time and then freeze the rest (frozen produce can easily last months once purchased and will still taste great; simply thaw and enjoy). This gives you the double-whammy savings of buying in-season and in larger quantities.  The end result—fat-burning, healthy food at a massive discount!

Now, before I go, it’s important to know that some “healthy” foods can be really bad news.  You see, while we’ve been led to believe that fish is one of the healthiest food choices around, what you probably didn’t know is that there are 4 specific types of fish—all very common—that you should literally NEVER eat due to incredibly high levels of contamination that can and WILL hammer the delicate cells of your body with toxic inflammation…

In the end, this toxic inflammation build-up contributes to achy joints, premature aging of the skin (and less visible organs like the heart, kidneys, and liver), difficulty shedding excess weight, cognitive decline, forgetfulness, feeling blue and moody, and so much more…

Take it from our colleague and top medical doctor, Dr. Phil Spiess; avoid these 4 types of fish like the plague:…