A popular meal plan, the South Beach Diet has been designed by Arthur Agatston – a cardiologist – and Marie Almon – a dietician. The two designed this plan to work as a substitute for other famous diet programs that are ruling the scene but have various deficiencies. They initially developed this meal plan for preventing cardiac disease. However, its appeal has now broadened and is used for weight reduction as well. This diet plan is categorized into 3 phases, with each one being progressively accommodating in nature.

First Phase

This phase persists for the first 2 weeks of the program. In this phase, fruits, processed carbohydrates and sugars are removed from the system. This stage of diet program is meant to eliminate the cycle of hunger. Thus, it can help you in easier weight reduction.

Second Phase

You can continue this phase as long as you wish to lose weight. In the second stage, vegetables and fruits are introduced again into the diet. Dr. Agatston holds that South Beach diet is not a low fat diet. It is not a low carbohydrate diet either. However, the restrictions that are imposed at the beginning significantly reduce the fat and carbohydrate intake of every dieter. This kind of meal plan informs you about the right foods that you should have in order to reduce the risks of high cholesterol, obesity and cardiac problems. You have to remember that this is a long-term diet that takes longer to show effects, but can give you the enviable figure that you dream of.

Third Phase

It is referred to as the Maintenance Phase, and it is supposed to last for the rest of your life. You can adopt it and follow it throughout your life, if you are serious about your weight loss goals and want to look as well as feel great. However, this type of diet needs your attention and time. The best thing about this stage is that you can get the freedom to dine out and also have fantastic foods at the same time.

The South Beach diet has been designed on the observation that people in the US are crazy about carbs. Thus, in the initial 2 weeks, the diet attempts to remove fruits, grains and other bad carbs. Once this phase comes to an end, fruits and foods are added back into the diet with the focus now being on low glycemic index foods.

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